Late spring will soon become summer; a whole new season of warm-weather has arrived! As we transition to the sports we enjoy during the temperate months ahead, it’s easy to forget that different sports require different sets of muscles, altered postures, and clothing and gear we’re not yet accustomed to. Serious athletes and amateurs of every age will be more vulnerable to injuries until they get re-acclimated to their favorite fair-weather sports.

When starting a new physical activity or work out, specialists recommend starting slowly, and increasing distance by no more than 10 percent per week. Specifically when starting up running, you need to make sure to rest adequately in between runs to prevent injury. Wearing supportive athletic shoes is especially important.

Don’t let foot pain and discomfort get in the way of your warm weather activities!

Come in to see us and we will get you back to enjoying your spring and summer as soon as we can!