I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

I was so happy the weather cooperated and we had such a beautiful fall night.

With this weeks forecast, it looks like we will be having at least one more fall week before we start heading back down in to those chilly days. Let’s face it, our evenings for the next few months are bound to get colder.

So in preparation of those chilly evenings, I wanted to talk about one thing I find vital to have … warm slippers.

What’s more comforting then walking in the door, sliding off your shoes and slipping into some fuzz slippers? IT’S LIKE A WARM HUG FOR YOUR FEET!

Another huge benefit of house slippers would be the constant support your providing for your feet. Some common foot problems that benefit from a house slipper would be Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuromas, Fat Pad Atrophy and more.

So if you find yourself needing to get some supportive slippers for this upcoming winter, be sure to ask your Mid Plains Podiatry staff for some of our options at your next appointment!