Are those leaves starting to turn or is it just me?

Fall is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited!

Bring on the pumpkin spice, apple cider, scarfs and …. BOOTS!

This is the time of year I always go through my closet to check my boot inventory for the upcoming season.

You must have the right boots for all of the fall activities such as a sturdy pair for walking through the pumpkin patch to pick this year’s perfect pumpkin. Or that padded warm pair for walking all the blocks of your neighborhood on Halloween night hoping to bring home as much candy as possible.

So if you’re like me and find that you need to add to your fall footwear, take a look at some of our brands. Any of our Mid Plains Podiatry Staff would love to assist you in picking out a supportive and warm boot perfect for whatever activity you need it for. Swing by today or take a look at your next appointment!



Anodyne  No.56 (Men) or No.55 (Women)

This ankle boot is the perfect walking boot for hitting the trails and enjoying the falling leaves before winter comes. This boot comes in both a whiskey and /or an oil black color.