What do you know about your insurance plan?

Before going to see a new Physician, do you check with insurance before you go to your appointment?

One thing I never knew to check into or think about when setting up an appointment at a new Doctors office was my insurance and whether or not I could go to that Doctor in the first place.  Did you know that your insurance company can also give you an idea of how much they will pay for any procedure you are contemplating?

So before going to a new Doctor, here are a few questions to ask your insurance company that will help eliminate any surprises on your bill.

First, call your insurance company to ensure the new Doctor you will be seeing is in network with your plan. If not, check to see if you have any out-of-network benefits.

Next, ask where you are on your deductible. This way you will know if you will be financially responsible for the whole bill or if insurance will be paying a portion.

There is a phone number on the back of your card that you can use to contact your customer service department to get answers to any of your questions.


So the next time you make an appointment with a new Provider, pull out your insurance card and give these few tips a try and feel more prepared when that bill comes!